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3 Castle Types

Today we are diving into some of my favorite history subjects, a castle. There are so many marvelous things we can learn about these structures that have stood as formidable witnesses to history. So, today I want to share with you something I found interesting about these things we call castles...

There are three basic types of castles that span history: the motte and bailey, stone keep, and concentric castles.

1.) Motte and Bailey

This makes our first stop in history. This is probably the least recognized version of a castle because many today now resemble tall hills because of how nature has been to them. The motte and bailey consisted of two parts. The motte was a hill or tower of earth that stood topped with a tower, usually wooden. And the bailey was a lower area, or courtyard protected by a fence or ditch.

2.) Stone Keep

Next, we arrive and see history through the looming tall singular tower atop the emerald hills. These structures were built of stone, as the name says, and stood imposing all on their own. The keep, which is basically the large tower, was the place of refuge for the noble inhabitants, and the place of safety for any hiding people.

3.) Concentric

Now, most everyone when they envision a castle thinks of this type. Concentric castles have the towers, and curtain wall, gates, and courtyards. These castles really were a testimony to the changing technology and innovation of the 13 century onward. These massive structures were expensive, beautiful, fortresses, and powerful symbols of war and prestige.

Thanks for joining me and discovering about the three types of castles that reigned over history's stage.


Medieval Life Eyewitness Workbook' by Susan Nicholson

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