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Image by Sandra Seitamaa

It Shall Not Last ~ A devotion

Merrick lifted the candle as he clutched his tunic. He felt the sand underfoot as shadows...more to come soon!


Ruby of Crimson ~ a flash fiction piece

Summer 2022

(published through Spark Flash Fiction)

Maybelle's magic ring has never been wrong before, but after a matchmaking attempt gone wrong, she wonders why this time it failed.

But what if it didn't fail? What if she simply misunderstood...

Regency romance, magical heirlooms and misunderstood friendship flourish in this flash fiction story. Read it here.

Here is the interview that I did about the story! Check it out here!  

Image by K. Mitch Hodge

From Wood to Stone ~ a devotion

January 2023

(published through Christian Devotions)

In this devotion...Are the ways castles have changed over the years relevant to our lives? 

I was amazed--they had turned from wood to stone. I held the book, and my confusion formed. Castles of wood, not stone? The history book made me gawk.

I read on and the rest here!

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