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A Closeness He Offers

Recently, mentally I have been struggling with some emotions, thoughts, simple things and big things. You probably know the feeling just as well as me. Needless to say, it doesn't matter what they are. But we all seek comfort and resolve to keep going through something. We want to trust and be understood. Comforted. And told we are not alone and that the world is not going to fall apart.

Well, good news is we do have that. It's God. It's our relationship with Jesus. But I sometimes have to get past the cookie cutter thought of that. We all say things like that when comforting someone else. But what about when the thing doesn't go away? We don't feel that trust...or that faith like we know we should.

I saw this mirrored very well in the latest episode of The Chosen. (If you haven't watched that show, go and do that!) Anyway, Peter is struggling with some things and is having to either trust God or slowly let the bad pull him. And we watch as it does in fact, begin to pull him. So does Peter pull closer in confusion or draw near?

I suppose my question is, when we feel so hopeless, alone, faithless, useless, depressed, or whatever it we continue to lean into God?

I think it's important that we always continue to press into God. The hard non Sunday school answer is we continue to seek Him when we are angry. We continue to pray when we have no words. We continue to have faith when we don't see the end. We continue to trust when it doesn't feel good. We continue to press closer to Him when we feel alone and confused.

Because God sees that we are struggling and we are human, but He loves when we put aside our feelings and go to Him. We have to sacrifice our flesh and continue to seek Him when that doesn't even feel good.

So, with everything have I been going to Him? Trying to. And while it doesn't make things always instantly better, it does make me feel strengthened to keep going. He offers me a closeness and presence that I can't explain even when I'm in pain somehow.

I am His daughter and He is my God. You need to remember that. Remember even when it hurts or you see no end, or maybe even point, we need to press into God. We have to keep coming to Him. Becasue thankfully, He has been there, is here, and has already gone before us.

Will you reach out in your current struggle and have faith His closeness is healing and the best thing?

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