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A Crazy Camping Trip

About two weeks ago, my youth group braved the great outdoors with tents and sunscreen. Gathering all of the young and old, we set off to the Dan River for some adventure, and that is what we got...

The first morning we got to hike and see breathtaking waterfalls cascade over rocks and wind over trails. Beautiful and fun, especially after being covered in sweat to get there. (No good pics of the waterfall, but a great one of the winding river before it dropped)

After that hike and having a blast, ummm, the sky opened up and unleashed its fury. Yep, some tents became soaked. But you know what, we made it through even that! (Thankfully, I had taken the initiative and covered my books with a towel just in case, whew) Fun times...

Day two was tubing! No pics sadly, but I cannot tell you how good it was. Lazily drifting down a river, surrounded by fun people, and having to avoid rocks, was so fun. And the view made one appreciate God's creation in a new light.

I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful trip with a group of people that made it even better. Volleyball, ping pong, and more were played in the spare time we had, bringing us all closer.

What trips have you went on this summer and loved?

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