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A Peasant's Fall

To continue our journey through the basics of an average seasonal life of a medieval peasant, we are heading to fall. Close your eyes and ready yourselves to go into a life not our own...

You awake to a gentle rush of chills rolling over your body. What could today bring? And even though the skyline is begining to barren of leaves and twist with the boughs of the tree, you become eager to snatch your first berry from the bush.

Soon, we are caught up in a great grape harvest. Everyone around you is alive and talking amongst themselves. You cannot wait to see the velvet purple or red liquid rush into your cup once the round berries are pressed.

But after the neigh festive atmosphere, you are struck with death as you slaughter the pig and cow to provide yourself, or your family, with future meat once snow or frigid air arrives at your door. Alas, as you smoke the meat you are grateful for the animals life, what it have, and where it now is. You shall be provided for and have full bellies thanks to the meat and sizzling fire crackling below.

God has provided once more.


'Medieval Life' Eyewitness Workbooks' by Susan Nicholson.

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