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A Peasant's Summer

Let's pretend we just woke up and rolled off our straw mattress. The summer sun is hot but thank goodness it has rolled behind some clouds this morn. Now, we are ready to do some summer harvesting. This is a peasant's summer day when the weather is quite fair and good.

We head to the fields where the hay is waiting to be harvested. As we cut it we take joy in the fact that this golden substance will feed our ox and horse through the fall and winter. Ah, can you feel the wind blow over you sweating forehead?

After harvest, we thresh wheat to get the grain, which gives us our bread. And when we break our fast in the morn or sit to 'sup, we will be eager to tear the brown loaf apart.

Whew, our day is done. But as we trudge closer to home we come across a small creek. Instantly, the thrill of a bubbling brook being splashed on your body has more than a strong appeal. Shedding your hat and laying aside your tools, you rush to the rocks and bound into the water. It's cold sears your feet and legs but you close to your eyes to the sun and thank your Creator for a sweet reprieve.


'Medieval Life: Eyewitness Workbook' by Susan Nicholson.

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