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A Thanks to You All!

Many of you showed me so much support as my first published work, 'Ruby of Crimson', came into the world. Which is why I want to share some great won the readers choice poll.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you that voted or even read my piece. It truly means the world to me. You all are so important in my life and have shown how far reader support can go.

I know this is a short Thursday post, but I want to always celebrate things and share them with you all no matter what. I want to thank God for allowing this chance, all the editers and people at Spark, and each and every pair of eyes that laid eyes on Maybelle and Thomas' story.

For years I have read other author's say that readers make everything possible, and since I was a reader I wasn't sure how much I believed that. ;) But now I see it and feel it. Readers, family, and friends make a writer's dream reality. Or they encourage. And they vote!:)

Thank you all so much! Have a wonderful weekend.

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