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'An Ivy Hill Christmas' Review

This novella concludes a sweet regency series with the same grace and romance of the previous books. Julie Klassen envelopes one in whispers of winter and Christmas, without any snow nearby.

Our MC is the former rakish Richard Brockwell, the younger brother of Sir Timothy. At the beginning we met our hero dashing away from charity, running from family and God, all while hoping to be published. Seems fitting that he soon gets a turn around even Jane Austen would approve of. (Yes, Mrs. Klassen, I caught a lot of your nods to Austen and loved them!) Richard constantly made me laugh as he ignored his families questioning attitudes. He then made me clutch my heart as he became selfless and even rescued an abused apprentice. Needless to say, Richard became a character of moral attitudes and a kind heart. Every part of his story left me wishing for more time to explore his past and future. Truly, his was one of the most remarkable transformations I have read in a long time.

Arabella Awdry is another one of our MC's. She is yearning to enjoy Christmas, and soon go to work with her aunt in London; avoiding marriage altogether. She has wit but her gentle spirit usually wins the day; except where Richard is concerned. To Arabella, God is her direction and watching her push Richard, and even her family, lent many touching scenes to the true meaning of that winter holiday.

Now, I cannot gush over all the characters that lined the pages; because I must get to the plot! Which, by the way, shone as pure white snow. Klassen always weaves so much history into her novel's plots. While this last addition to 'Ivy Hill' hit some very nice notes, my heart did miss many other characters from previous books. But that is all my fault!

So, would I recommend this novella, even in summer? Yes, I would, and do. It's clean, has the perfect amount of romance, shows how God can change a person's heart, and takes place in a sprawling English hamlet. Please, pick up the book...and go there for yourself.

4/5 stars

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This book series sounds like what I love to read. Can and will you list the books in the series? Thank you for the review


Thank you!

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