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Be Aware of Snowmen

Snowmen are bad? Well, not the packed snow figures that are rolled and stacked after snowflakes blanket the ground. Not those gentlemen and ladies that have hats and scarves. Yeah, no, not those little things we all struggle to build.

No, snowmen are what I have personally come to call things, or people, in our life that see only the negative or who appear one way and then turn on you. And that can be a circumstance, person, or thing. In life we all have snowmen....that thing that we build or nurture but then slowly it melts or shows it's true colors. It's harm in our life.

Like building a snowman, a relationship is hard and takes effort. Like placing the buttons, we think this new job will bring us to our dreams. Like shoving a carrot in the snow to make a nose, we try and act a certain way to impress people. But sometimes, we step back and turn around, only to find a puddle of melted snow. We find ourselves stretched thin at that job, that relationship suffocates us, those fake moments we forced make us feel so weighted.

We no longer see the fun and cold exterior of the snowman, we now see the effects and fridgid consequences.

And it's only by God's grace we recognize the snowmen we need to step away from. Only He directs us away from those feelings and that circumstance or place. He uses His light and warmth to melt the snow around us, to dispatch those snowmen we hide behind or won't let go off.

Then, when we are ready, He allows us to lean over the puddle of melted snow and see how He used it. To see the reflection. He allowed that snowman to shape us and grow us. That relationship? Maybe it was harming you deep down. That job? God only has a better one around the corner. The flaw you ignore? God wants to confront it with you and let you lean on Him.

So be aware and ready for God to melt snowmen in your get rid of the cold bitter things and lead you to the warmth of what He has awaiting you.

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