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'Beneath His Silence' Review

This book stunned me. It took me to the cliffs of a mysterious manor and into the heart of a woman seeking peace and a man hiding from his scarred past. Every inch had an Austenesque aura and originality that sung throughout the story.

Ella was a raw and rare character that had flaws. She wasn't always likable....and I loved it. She grew so much and her good qualities flourished within the confines and beauty of the story. As did her faith, which made the story all the more wonderful. Henry was the brooding hurt man that filled the pages of this novel. Hannah Linder outdid herself when writing this man's past and his future. I loved him so much!

Now to the plot and prose, which lacked nothing! The plot and sheer mystery delighted me to no end. I kept guessing and spinning with what happened next. And each of her scenes had reflection and action that melded together in beauty. Hannah's prose and voice is unlike anything I have read nor seen in a long time. I have read many compare her to Austen and I dare say, it is true. Her language, wit, and push each word gives us is poignant, sharp, aged, and stunning. (And all of her dialogue tags had me in raptures!) Wow, wow, wow!

I don't ask much, but I do ask that you watch Ms. Linder with care. And do pick up this novel; it is sure to delight. You will be transported and plunged into a mystery and romance you won't soon wish to leave.

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