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Beyond Each Time

The past, the present, and the future are three of the most feared things in life.

Our pasts haunt us sometimes, our choices seeming to have placed us where we are or preventing us from where we want to be. We worry over regrets, what ifs, and memories that seem to hold us back with a grip of iron if we allow ourselves back.

The present traps us in a delusion of control. But yet each second, we become the past and future at the same time. Our present circumstances can worry us and we wonder how we appear to others.

And the future....sometimes the most feared time of all. It's where our past and present take us. We don't know what it looks like and we wonder if we will like the outcome when we arrive. Will our future have everything we dreamed or are we merely slipping down the slope of life?

These thoughts can plague us until we lose all hope and desire to live and function. But what we need to realize is that God has seen all times for us. He was there in our past, He holds our hand in the present, and He has orchestrated our futures.

Recently, I have had to learn to trust Him no matter what. Trust that He leads me in all decisions....past, present, and future. I have to let go and thank Him for saving me. And for planning and knowing my future. That way, instead of staying in the past and regretting, instead of overthinking the present, and instead of fearing my future...I can see it all through the lense He gives me.

Your past, your present, and your future are connected and beautiful in His will. Every choice, every person, every breathe, every footstep and choice was written before time and doesn't need to be feared. He holds us. He gives us the grace to say goodbye, the will to get through the day, and the anticipation of what is soon to come.....

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Amy Sherrill
Amy Sherrill
Dec 14, 2022

Yes! So thankful for HIM❤️

Payton Tilley
Payton Tilley
Dec 18, 2022
Replying to

Yes, I am grateful He guides me!

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