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Contemporary Recommendations!

Summer is contemporary time! And below I want to share three of my top favorites for all your summer needs.

1~ 'Just Let Go' by Courtney Wash

Series? ~ Yep! Book 2 in Harbor Pointe

Romance? ~ Yep! (5/5)(clean)

Christian Fiction? ~ Yep!

Interesting fact! ~ Our hero is an olympian.

2 ~ 'No Place Like Here' by Christina June

Series? ~ Book 3 in stand alone series!(Untitled)

Romance? ~ Not a lot!(2/5)(clean)

Christian Fiction? ~ No, but clean!

Interesting fact! ~ Takes place at a camp!

3 ~ 'The Enlightenment of Bees' by Rachel Linden

Series? ~ Nope, stand alone!

Romance? ~ Small subplot!(3/5)(clean)

Christian Fiction? ~ Yep!

Interesting Fact! ~ A shark chases our MC in one scene!

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