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Creation Can Touch Us

Recently, inside my head and body worry has ebbed and flowed. But then I was reminded to breathe and put the future in God's hands. I still struggle with things, don't we all? Even after a kind reminder? I know I do, but that's when I stumbled across a gentle reminder from someone I don't even know.

This lady talked about how being outside calms her, frees her thoughts. Well, yesterday, I took my journal outside for a simple few minutes and talked to God. I was surrounded with His creation. Haze on the pond lifting slowly, a distant quacking of ducks that found the food He placed for them, a snuggling cat, and the kiss of wind that feels like a hug from my Father.

Now, I can say without a doubt that being outside and taking in God and nature has helped me, is helping. There is a calm and beauty that the world cannot take away from me. But what if I do not have time to sit outside, journal, or relish the late summer sun? For me, I can step out of the car, turn my face to the sun, and close my eyes. Why don't you try it?

I have come to find, there is no better medicine than resting in the stillness, beauty, or chaos, of creation my God walks in.

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