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'Enchanting the Heiress' Review

Every once in a while we as readers pick up that one book that embraces us, challenges us, embodies us, or forces us to grow. For me, this book was it. ' Enchanting the Heiress' by Kristi Ann Hunter may seem light or romantic to some, but to me it seemed to speak to my very soul.

Underlines and highlights line the pages of my copy, for so many nuggets of wisdom could be found. Harriet for all her life has played helper or matchmaker to those around her, but gets an awakening when her lies and thoughts of life and God erupt. Her inward hurts and prayers made me embody her to the point where I couldn't tell if Kristi had written me or not. Forgive me for the candid comment... Her growth and maturity, and her quick wit, have made her a lasting literary character in my book, even if the masses never know her.

Now, to Jonas, whose search for purpose roused me. This man struggled to live instead of simply survive, he struggled to fully embrace his gifts as a gift from God. Many of his words brought life to my own quest for feeling used by God. This quote, this part, is him internally warring with being told to use his love of engraving and writing, which he insists has no value:

'As every man hath recieveth the gift, even so minister the same to one another,

Jonas shook his head to free his thoughts from the Bible verse as he set the box on the floor. It referred only to spiritual gifts not random talents, and cerntainly not unsolicited presents.'

All of which he soon learns is not true, but in fact, God wants us to use every ounce of ourselves.

I cannot describe to you how wonderful the pacing was nor how beautiful their romance was. It truly made me all the more content to wait. And never have I been so impressed with how they handled the age difference, all which gives more credit to the talented author. There was even one part where Jonas warred and felt guilt over having put books ahead of reading the Bible, boy, did I feel some toes being smashed. For which, I am grateful.

Since I cannot express my love further for what may be 'my novel of the year', may I offer some parting quotes.

'"I think," she said slowly, " that you prefer observing life to participating in it."'

'" Doing anything with your work would be a risk, and you won't risk anything beyond tomorrow."'

'" I suppose. Without purpose we'd be wandering in a desert, with no way of knowing when to turn to the right or the left."'

'He watched her.

And he looked as if he had never seen her before.'

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