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Fall Recommendations!

Fall is here and has finally settled around our shoulders in a warm embrace, forcing us to reach for those favorite cardigans and sweaters. So, for us bookworms that means plenty of days beside a fire or window, our hands loaded with a book. My favorite place!

And what are some of the best genres to dive into during fall? Well to me, mystery and romantic suspense, cases of mistaken identity, and spies spell perfect fall read. So below I have 9 book recs.

1.) The House on Foster Hill

By Jaime Jo Wright

What is it? A time crossing mystery with a dash of romance!

2.) The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond

By Jaime Jo Wright

What is it? A mystery that weaves through time involving romance.

3.) The Curse of Misty Wayfair

By Jaime Jo Wright

What is it? Time crossing centering around a strange asslyum...need I say more?

4.) Echoes Among the Stones

By Jaime Jo Wright

What is it? Mystery all centering around one woman and her family.

5.) A Spy's Devotion

By Melanie Dickerson

What is it? A Regency suspense with a dash of romance.

6.) A Viscounts Proposal

By Melanie Dickerson

What is it? Like Pride and Prejudice but with a near deadly plot following them.

7.) A Dangerous Engagement

By Melanie Dickerson

What is it? A suspense in which a young woman must turn into a spy inside a house of traitors.

8.) The Tutor's Daughter

By Julie Klassen

What is it? A romantic suspense involving two dashing brothers, a haunting new place to reside in, and dark pasts.

9.) The Thief of Blackfriars Lane

By Michelle Griep

What is it? Think Zootopia meets Robinhood with a mysterious haunting twist.

I hope you are able to pick up one of these great reads before winter sets in! Enjoy and if u have read any, comment below which one is your favorite!

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