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God Answers Prayer

Last week, I had an eye exam I had been dreading. Have a been going yearly for years now with no reason to fear? (Well, except having to pay?) Yep, yet, I consistently struggle with the inconsistency of my vision.

And I am a worry wart. I have prayed and prayed for things to change. I have worried and stressed over every little thing with my vision. Yet, I continue to have faith.

So, when my appointment came, I journaled and prayed. And journaled and prayed.

And journaled and prayed.

Yet, I still was scared. I went up for prayer Sunday because I needed another believer to at least pray in faith with me over that and other things.

I needed to step out in faith that God would hear. I didn't need Him to heal me, or suddenly improve my sight, but I wanted to acknowledge that I had faith. I wanted to step out to my Healer as the woman with the issue of blood did.

I know He heard me. I know He cares. And He never has to touch my body in one way or another to prove that love for me.

So, whatever you are going through step out! Pray aloud to Him in your car on the way to work. Just open your mouth, or grab a pencil, or sing your thoughts because He wants us to speak to Him. He hears every word.

Now, I have a personal praise report. For the first time in, err, four/three years, my prescription for my eyes has not changed! I am beyond thrilled and beyond grateful. But to put it for everyone, it has been years. And I'm not saying this to discourage, but to encourage! Believe, believe, believe, and have faith! Do not give up. Run with endurance.

And even if it doesn't turn out how you think it should, just know that Jesus will answer in the way that is best for you and His glory.

Amen? Amen!

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