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He Made It for Me...

This past week, my family and I got to vacation and rest at the beach. We went fishing, rode bikes, slept in, played card games, tried new restraunts, and got burned in the sun! And to me, when I'm sitting in a chair in the sand, my toes grazing the water, I can't help but feel connected to God. I feel calm and bright, as if I could conquer anything and find peace.

And then this morning when I woke up, a thought popped in my head, one you have probably had yourself.

He made all that I see simply for us. For me. All of it for His glory.

And that is such a beautiful thought. We are so important to the Maker of this Universe that He paints us sunsets. He gathers clouds together and strings them like a necklace. He , even breathes life down and sways the trees with His wind. My Father, your Father, paints all this for us. He longs to give us beauty, peace, and stillness.

So, be still today. In the midst of the chaos, look around and see all God has made.

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