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'In The Midst of the Flames' Review

Set in WW1, this book fully immersed me in every trial and detail I could imagine. Each character took me through their pain and then out. And even though I jumped in on book two, I do not regret it.

I first tried this book because I heard JP Robinson speak, and he captivated me with his passion for God and history. So, why am I suprised that this book touched me?

This story follows many lives affected by certain aspects of the Great War. We go to a struggling solider, a previous spy, a prominent banker, a German scientist, a grieving wife and mother, a love struck German woman, a British POW, and many more. Each life intersects and gives birth to struggle, reality, and faith. Malcolm and Leila touched me as they avoided as much pain as they could, and fought for others. Sacrifice was a huge part of this book. And the way JP weaved in a subtle version of the prodigal son hit me hard. This book will embody that story for me. And Eleanor and Will truly touched my heart as they struggled as all people do. Their love story is one that was beyond realistic and gut wrenching as they fought to stay true to one another.

After reading this, I want my heart and mind to be touched again. JP Robinson challenged me with this book, some parts tough to trudge through for fear of how it would make me feel. It made me revisit my own relationship with my family, and Jesus. Is He my Savior? Yes...

Thank you JP Robinson.

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