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It's the Fourth

Today is the day we celebrate our forefather's decision to declare themselves free from Britain. This great day that happened in the year 1776, as men gathered and signed the Declaration of Independence. But my question today is this: has freedom ever been easy to obtain?

If we look to the American Revolution, we find the answer is no. Freedom is costly. Freedom takes courage. Freedom involves humans reaching out and trying to hold a tangible thought spawned in the yearning of our hearts. I thank God for every freedom we have here, every gift.

Even in light of this great day, let's calm ourselves for a minute and thank Jesus for the freedom He gives. While our freedom on earth, in America, may not last forever, what we have in Jesus will out last even eternity.

So grab your family, celebrate this historical day, and also thank God. Because even if we did not live in a place that had the Declaration of Independence, God would still be offering His freedom to us.

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Amy Sherrill
Amy Sherrill
04. Juli 2022


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