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Jesus: The Ultimate Storyteller

Jesus is by far my favorite character in the Bible. Why? Well, it is all about Him. He is the main character. But I have other reasons my Savior leads at the top picks. One of them. . .

Jesus loved stories. He wove words.

Through His time doing ministry Jesus used stories, or parables, to illustrate a point or give a lesson. He knew the importance of choosing words, constructing them, and relating them to the audience. To the point where, every parable related to us today.

Depending on the version of Bible you use, the number of parables differ. But on average, Jesus told 30-40 parables to people, including His disciples. And each one made people ponder deep within themselves. It made them search for truth.

And any writer, speaker, or storyteller desires those things from an audience. Just think of how many times Jesus would go on to explain to his disciples a moral truth because His parables stirred interest within their souls, a question.

THAT IS STORYTELLING. It affects a person so they ponder, relate, question, and grow.

Jesus is everyone's example on how to share and grow and lead and change. Can you not envision Him gathering around a fire, a sparkle in his brown eyes as He prepared His words to the disciples? Or do you see Him gathering the children around Him and making them laugh from a story?

That is the Jesus I serve. He told stories. And He is telling stories. And He is writing a story. Right here, right now. He is the story, the Begining and the End.

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