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Living Life in a State of Wonder

Recently, with spring arriving, it's as if I suddenly want to start living more fresh, more vibrant, with more careless glory. No, I don't mean abandon responsibility or such, but I keep thinking of all the times in scripture it tells us to not worry. To cast our cares on Him. To literally open and pray, and wait expectantly, continuing to live every moment for Christ and like Him. To not get entangled with 'what if's", worries, fears, or the backbreaking analyzing of what people may think of us.

It is something we all struggle with, something like a bubble around us, constantly weighing us down or keeping our hearts and bodies weighted with anxiety. For me, I constantly worry over the future, over how people see me, comparison, fear of failing, anxiety over what the day may look like. It goes on and on. For all of us.

We all struggle with stuff that weighs us down in life. We all have weak points.

But the beauty in being a warrior and child of God is that those weak points don't have to hinder us and drag us down.

We get to run to God with them, offer them back saying, "This is a lot, Lord. I am struggling but I know You are there and You listen. You know my next steps." There is something so freeing in that. In being able to open His word and find solace, a comfort like no other. For me, when I open up to God about the things that feel overwhelming, I suddenly find this peace that everything will work out as it is supposed to. There is a mindset trending that says, "I don't care." While there could be truth and freeing elements in that, its built on a lie of self. I think it should be, "I want peace." Let everything that scares you go....

If He can perform all those miracles in the Bible, why would He not be able to chart my course and answer my prayers? If I offer prayers to Him, do I not know He hears them? If God knows how it will work out and I trust Him, why dwell on those thoughts and worries over that person?

God doesn't want us to live bogged down, he desires for us to live a full life. Recently, I can only describe it this way: we need to live a life of wonder and peace. We need to have this childlike quality in the mundane and accept that our Father is piecing the puzzle of our life together in ways so beautiful; so grand.

The definition of wonder is a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. That is how I want to live with Christ. I want to find surprise and joy in the everyday by His beauty and love lavished around. I don't want to freak out, overthink, and let fears assail me.

We need to live a life of wonder and peace.

I stumbled upon a reel on Instagram recently and it really hit home. Almost like a ton of bricks being tossed to me at once. A woman was sitting in a car, her face stretched in worry with no joy. The caption read this: "But what if..." Then, it flipped to her smiling and driving down the road, hair blowing carefree. Now the caption reads: "Nevermind, God's got it."

It hit me so so hard. That is how we need to live. Trust Him and live in wonder. Have peace and let go of worry. He knows our path and wants us to fully trust Him. Come to Him. And have peace that He has this. God's got this.

So why live unhappy when you can laugh and live? Why feel sad and worry over what they think of you when God cares for YOU? Why stress over the unknown when you can give it to God and let Him surprise you?

Why live in complacency, when we walk with God and can live in awe, amazement...and wonder

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Apr 12, 2023

What insight from around woman of God. Thank you

Payton Tilley
Payton Tilley
Apr 12, 2023
Replying to

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the sweet comment. 💙

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