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Look at Those Around You

Recently, I have been struck by the blessing of having so many people around me that love me, strengthen me, and challenge me. And that ranges from friends to family, but even to random people we walk by that offer us a smile. I sometimes stop and think about the wonder of God: how He created us all for interaction. And love.

We as humans are God's most prized creation, we all know this. But have you ever stopped to be amazed by the fact that He continues to create us and breathe life into so many people, those living and those yet to take their first breath. He knew we could not do this life alone. We are wired to have others in our life, we need it.

We all have spots in life we go through when we need an extra hand or encouraging word, that love that steals our breath, that person that we get frustrated with and challenges us. We need ALL that. The good and bad. Because we, as humans, need every person we walk by, every family member we have, and every interaction we will have.

God gave us our family and He brings us our friends. He guides our steps and pulls us closer to Him through every interaction we have today and tomorrow. Every person you know right now has a purpose, same as you. But we all get to grow and live this life together.

That stranger you held the door for? Yes, your kindness helped them get over a coworker bullying them.

Your friend that runs to when with tears? Well, she is also there for you.

That waiter that sends you huge smiles? He brightens your heart and encourages you after a fight with you spouse.

Seeing and sending time with family? You grow in love and your soul is strengthened.

Every interaction we have, every person we know, has a purpose and gives us purpose. God created us for love and life and interaction. He has blessed us all. So look around at those near you...and love them with all you have.

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