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Medieval Monday ~ #3

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Good morn! Today's fast medieval fact will tell you the three stages of a knight's life. When did a young boy begin training? When was he dubbed, or knighted?

  1. Page

Age: around 7

What did they do: A nobleman's son was sent off to another lord's house to become a page. There, he learned manners of the court, horseback, hunting, how to handle some weapons, and would serve a local knight to learn.

2. Squire

Age: around 14

What did they do: Assisted a knight full time. This stage would fully prepare a young man for battled, by using weapons and training in chivalry.

3. Knight

Age: the dubbing usually took place from 18-21

What did they do: Now, the boy had become a man. This man had been dubbed, hopefully by the baron or lord he trained under, and would go on to serve in wars and tournaments, or just general protection.


"Medieval Life" Eyewitness Workbook by Susan Nicholson

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