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Medieval Mondays ~ #1

What ho! Welcome to another new series that allows me to share random, fun, and interesting facts of the Middle Ages. So, let me share the first post!

Today, I shall be sharing two strange phrases the people of medieval England used to greet one another. You may hear these words on a bustling street corner during a market, or from a friend running you down as you enter the dusty roads.

First one: What ho! ( I used it above! )

This phrase meant 'Hello, there!. It usually was spread amongst friends, but not limited to.

Second one: How fare ye'?

This meant 'how are you", as you might have guessed.

There is so many fun medieval terms; and these greetings are just a small dusting of ones to come. Now, I wonder if you might venture to use them yourself!? (Mayhap, you will...)


"A Time Travelers Guide to Medieval England'" by Ian Mortimer

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