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My Top 4 UK Castles

Listed below(with pics!) are my favorite castles in the UK. Some are in England and some in Scotland. And since this is Medieval Monday, each was built, or started, in that period.

1~ Dover Castle (England)

This glorious castle is one of the most well known in England. King Henry II began it in the 1180's, and it has changed and been added to a lot in over 800 years.


2~ Bodiam Castle (England)

(Also pictured as first title image!)

In 1385, it was purchased by a knight. It has grown to be a very picturesque castle in England. And it is located in East Sussex.


3~ Dunnottar Castle (Scotland)

This atmospheric beauty, has set atop this cliff for hundreds of year's. For example, this spot was used before and during the Vikings sailed the seas, and has grown ever since. Sadly, it has deteriorated over the years, but much is still to be admired.


4~ Alnwick Castle (England)

This castle is one of the largest in England. Located in Northumberland, it was purchased in 1309 and much of what we see today comes from the 14 century onward.


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