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'Once Upon A Wardrobe' Review

For me, and many others, C.S. Lewis and 'The Chronicles of Narnia' has shaped us and brought us new ideas, world's, and made us become better people in a small way. This novel by Patti Callahan embodies how delving into imagination and going beyond a tangible fact can change so many lives.

Megs Devonshire is our leading lady. And the story unwinds and unfolds from her unswerving love for her dying younger brother, who just happens to need to understand where Narnia came from. Thus, needing to be his hero, Megs sets out to do just that, and finds that some answers are like magic. . .unexplainable.

We receive glimpses of C.S. Lewis' life, childhood, and faith while unpacking each truth with Meg. At times, a faun stood beside me and other times I felt as if a tree could reach out and turn the page. To be honest, it sits heavy and light on my heart. It brings a childish glow of wonder and mixes it with humanities longing and pain. But even if I paint it to be about Narnia, it truly isnt, for Megs and her family are the heart which we understand the story. The lasting lesson, sometimes fairy tales and imagination can teach us the best truths, BUT the best 'Truth' is the only one that is not a fairy tale.

Whimsical, lush, and haunting in the best sense...

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