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'Ruby of Crimson' & Launch Party!

Happy Saturday! Today, as promised, I am super excited to give you a little hint, a taste if you will, of my flash fiction piece, and then a link to the launch party later. I am beyond thrilled, but below I have some peaks into 'Ruby of Crimson'.

Do you love historical fiction with a hint of magic, perchance a magical heriloom that enables a bit of matchmaking? Meet Maybelle Huxley. She is a dressmaker, sister, and happens to possess a ring that gives her the extraordinary power to know who to couple in Regency England.

Only this time, she has made a mistake of pairing the vicar. For it seems, Reverend Thomas Clayden twas not meant to be with the woman Maybelle appears the magic has lied to her.

Oh goodness, my hands got jumpy with joy writing that little sneak peak. And...I have even better news if you were intrigued with the premise above.

'Ruby of Crimson' is avaible for you to read on All you have to do is click to read the full summer issue and then click on 'Ruby of Crimson' by Payton Tilley! I truly pray you enjoy the short glimpse of Maybelle and Thomas' story. And I pray it brightens your day, or touches you.

Now, the launch party is still going on tonight! And here is the link to join that if you wish to celebrate with me and all the other wonderful authors part of Spark's Summer Issue:

I hope you weekend is beyond beautiful and you see God in so many things.

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Jaina Allred
Jaina Allred
Aug 23, 2022

The last line of this story just killed me. It was so well-written!

Payton Tilley
Payton Tilley
Aug 23, 2022
Replying to

That means so much to me. Thank you!

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