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Savers vs Spenders

Oh goodness, we all know that one penny pincher, or that person that impulse buys down every aisle in Walmart. But no, breathe easy, I'm not calling anyone out! (I would even be running!!) Nope, with what God has given you, are you a SPENDER or a SAVER?

Most of us may recall the parable of the talents in the Bible. Quick recap: three servants are given talents (or money) to hold until their master returns. Two use theirs wisely, while one goes and buries his in a field. The story ends with the master being pleased and rewarding the first two, but sadly, the third was rebuked for not using his talent and hiding it.

Many times, I have heard this be related to money but recently when I read this passage it hits different. It strikes my core. Our Master -God- has given us all so many gifts and talents. We are all blessed with passions and personalities. One may be able to encourage, one paint, one teach, one speak, one lift others, play an instrument, dance, and so may more. If we examine ourselves, we will find hobbies and passions that fill us. Our talents. And each was placed there for a reason.

So, with your talents, your abilities.....are you saving or spending? Are you using every ounce of yourself for God so you don't return empty? Or are you stifling your talents, hiding them from view, not serving God and others?

Many times, we hear 'Save don't spend.' Well, today, I want you to be a SPENDER. Spend all your abilities, holding nothing back. Use what God has given you in little ways and big ways. The hard part is getting past ourselves and our thoughts of how we may be perceived. But we must let our passion for God overrule our fear. Dig deep within yourself and drudge up every ability you have...then use it!

Even if just a smile, smile bigger.

Even if a handmade card or quilt...give it to that hurting person.

Even if homemade cookies...send it to the woman rejoicing.

Even if a quick prayer with a it.

Even if praising God when you slam a basketball into the it with your all.

Do not hide your talents and passions. God gave them to you for you to give Him glory. Do not let you talents the Master gives you, go to waste. Do not bury them in fear.

Be a SPENDER for God....and give it your all everyday you have breath in your lungs.

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Jan 25, 2023


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