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'The Last Bookshop in London' Review

This book threw me into the bowels of war and the tragedy one must endure. But it also held a light within the pages, a truth that no matter what happens, we have each other. Plus, books aid us in our journey, whether it's to escape, to learn, or to grow.

Being my first book by Ms. Martin, I had no clue what to expect. But my socks were soon knocked clear off my feet. The characters were amazing and so touching, the plot and history was detailed, and the prose magnificent. But so many times it took a turn I didn't expect, didn't want for the characters.

Grace is a new top character. She battles everyday struggles we face, but also more as WW2 began to rage. She learned to trust her instincts, she learned to be brave, and she learned to love all those around her. Her character grew as in any character arc should. She was one I will not soon forget.

The setting was beyond vivid. I could hear the bombs dropping from above and could smell the tea brewing on a kettle. My heart leapt for her newfound romance and cautioned her in her questioning. This book was a stunner on any level it's placed at. But it was the parts of life: the tragedy, death, happiness, that touched me the most. Each of those affect us all, but this book handled it all, ripping my soul and plucking my mind in ways it needed.

Please, read this and have your own life touched...

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