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'The Medieval Shepherd' Review

If you are like me and enjoy learning anything about the Middle Ages, then this book is for you. It is a translation of Jean de Brie's Le Bon Berger. And it is such a fascinating read.

The entire account is a summary, some things in detail and some things mentioned, of what a medieval shepard in 1379 France would do monthly and daily. It reads like a modern 'How to...' book you would find im a bookstore. For example, we learn how to watch birds when they warn of rain, the names of each wind, how to cure an ewe of mange, and so much more that my brain feels as if it may explode.

My need to reread it again has grown over the past days after finishing it. I will gladly point anyone to it if they adore learning about the lives of shepherds that roamed the rolling hills of the 14 century.

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