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This Year...

Christmas has always been the time warmth, family, love, joy, and peace fill us all a little bit more. We take time to remember Christ's birth and prepare our hearts for the New Year. Christmas reminds us to celebrate the arrival of Jesus. It beckons us to pull our family close. And it harkens us to challenge ourselves and take every moment we are given.

So needless to say, Merry Christmas. It truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year. I pray we each are challenged this season and we each wake up as this merry day approaches with joy and peace since Christ is with us. It truly is the best gift. But before we part to enjoy family....I want to challenge us this Christmas....myself mostly and anyone else who desires to try. What shall we do this year at Christmas?

THIS YEAR AT CHRISTMAS....I will celebrate those who are in my life and love me.

THIS YEAR AT CHRISTMAS...I will set aside daily time for me to look around and thank God for Emmanuel, God with us.

THIS YEAR AT CHRISTMAS...I will anticipate the future and not be afraid nor let anything in the past hold me back.

THIS YEAR AT CHRISTMAS...I will love my family and friends and soak up every moment.

THIS YEAR AT CHRISTMAS...I will celebrate Christ in my heart.

Merry merry Christmas...and most importantly, Happy Birthday, Jesus. Thank you for coming and being with us.

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