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Want Life to the Full?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Ok, ok, there is no secret code or series of steps to take to go out and find that content happy place of life. Sadly. 😂 But before writing this post I was thinking of loads of events from the last week. The mixture of life. The good, the bad. Moments of friendship, moments of pain, moments of blessing, moments of uncertainty, and lots more.

And it made me think and mull over the fact that life happens. We don't know if some things will come to pass nor what shall smack us upside the head tomorrow. We don't know if joy will follow the rain and we will ride into a sunset. But it's crazy to me, to acknowledge for a brief moment, that pursuing God and realizing He has walked and carefully carved all my moments, my life, is comforting and exhilarating.

So life to the full? How to live it? We live in freedom through Christ. Never let our worries and regrets cloud us. We thank Him for every Good moment and take the time to seek and praise Him for protection, joy, blessing, all of it!

But yet, a full life wouldn't be complete without the trials and pain. Life is God's tool to force us into the person He sees. He carved out character through life. So that full life, life to the full in bad? We turn to Him and find solace in His word.

So, see, there is no supposed 'Five Steps to a Complete Happy Life' or a guide, 'How to Live Life By the Full 101'. No, our lives all will be just as God intended. Every one of our lives will have a beautiful begining and end that only God could write. But our job is to turn to Him in the good and bad. Thank Him for the beauty and simple things, live as a vibrant child of Him! But we also must grow and cling to truths in the bad.

This past week, I experienced God's blessing, protection, and joy. But I also felt smacked and beat down by other things. But I acknowledge that I want Life to the full. The life He WANTS ME TO HAVE. And to do that, I go to Him with everything and live knowing He sees what's hitting me and sees what's healing me, I will live and live as He intends and says in His word. I will live with purpose, with joy, and with contentment. I pray this for all of us...

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1 Comment

Feb 15, 2023

We all must realize that happiness to the fullest is only found in Jesus.

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