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What is Your Favorite Genre?

Every reader I know has a genre that grabs them. That one type of book that always excites them, no matter what. You may love contemporary, mystery, historical fiction, fantasy, romance, thriller, biblical fiction, or one of the many others. Or, you could be like me and love a mixture.

If we examine ourselves as readers, or even writers, we will see that our favorite genre of story always tells us something. For example, if at one point we crave mystery, we could find that we enjoy the scrambling of our brains racing to solve the problem. We love the chase. We crave an unknown excitement. Or if one loves contemporary, they may love walking alongside problems VERY similar to their own. They desire to understand more of the world they are in. Or my favorite, historical: we want to understand the past and connect it to our own lives. We enjoy learning and want to forget our own age, or reflect on how humans are the same; no matter the era.

No matter your favorite genre, take a moment and ask yourself why you love it. What really makes you yearn to pick up that next book? Then, examine yourself. Does your favorite genre change depending on the stage of life your in? Normally, for me, it does.

We are complicated creatures, and most things we desire, and do, reflect a deep hurt, love, or how we view the world. Again, if you love mystery, you may constantly examine others and look for a little tension, or mystery. Biblical? You read your Bible and think about stories that could shape those heroes. But to conclude this, I have a challenge.

Try a new genre. Go to a new section in your bookstore and pick up a new author, a new era, a new topic. Read it, and see how genre affects your life. See how you view the world in a new light, and then you have my permission to return to your favorite! :)

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